Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: New Update is out! Alpha v2.2! Hitting a million views, and easter mystery gift hunt!

Well the update is out, check out the Game Download Link tab for the links to download the new version.

All mystery gift codes for people who previously donated 10 or more (the evolution stone codes) will be sent out by Monday. Thanks :)

This update bring the level cap up to 25!
And the first challenge mode level! When you beat the challenge mode level you will get a mystery code! 

Some good news! We hit over a MILLION views on newgrounds this week, I'm really grateful of you guys for getting me there and I can't wait to see how far we go!

My friend over at has created a Mystery Gift Code Hunt for you guys if you go to this link , you will get hints to find out a very special mystery gift code! This code will only be available for a week so get it while it last. Also you need v2.2 for this code to work!

As you might have seen/heard/read the game got taken down again from the android marketplace :(. So you guys will have to download the apk and install it manually. If you get any errors or just don't know how to do it, then feel free to check out our forums, somebody there will gladly help you out. I don't know a whole lot about how to install it ect. >.<

I sent the update to the following websites:

Newground - Updated
PlayTowerDefenseGames - Updated
Gamerfish - Updated
Mofunzone - not yet updated
Freeworldgroup - Updated
funnygames - not yet update
Minijuegos - Updated

If you don't play on these sites I would recommend playing on one of them, don't ask me to send an update to any other site, just tell the owner to grab the updated game from one of these.

Lastly, thanks again for all the support, and have a Happy Easter!


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