Monday, April 25, 2011

What's next? Fixing bugs, Ninja-ja alpha, help wanted, making pokemon more fun!

Hey guys, ready for another week of Sam & Dan Games?

First I want to say that Ninja-ja Alpha is coming very soon, by the end of April, it will first be on the Android Marketplace for 99cents. The game will be updated either weekly or bi-weekly and will not interfere with PTD's update schedule. Buying Ninja-ja will get you a shiny pikachu code for your PTD file, just a small thank you for buying Ninja-ja and supporting me and dan :) We will also bring the game to the iphone/ipad and also a web version for those of you who don't own an android phone.

Dan and I are looking to add more members to our development crew and right now what we need the most is a capable artist. Somebody that wants to work with us on our next games. This is a paid position. All communication will be done online. Here is what we are looking for:
  • A passion for games.
  • A passion for making art.
  • 18 years or older.
  • Must have a portfolio.
Also these next requirements are extra but if you have these it will make you more likely to be picked.
  • Be able to animate.
  • 3D modeling experience.
  • Vector art
  • Concept art
  • Game development experience (web games, console games, apps)
  • Flash experience.
We can't wait to check out everybody's art :) so just email me at with "Artist Position" as the subject and we can talk about further details. 

Okay now on to Pokemon Tower Defense :)

Get your shiny pidgey code this week by going to and following the clues. Use the code as many times as you want!

This next update, I will continue to increase the level cap, add some new pokemon, and a new story mode level, as well as fixing bugs. Stay tuned to this post for progress on the update :)

5 new pokemon (2 are blue exclusive, and 2 are red exclusive):
  • 5 pokemon graphics (100% done)
  • 14 new moves (100%, done) skipping (Imprison) added lucky chant and body slam
  • 8 new evolutions  (100% done)
Story mode level (100% done)
  • intro (100%)
  • level (100%)
  • ending (100%)
Adding one wild shiny pokemon (100% done)

Bug Fixes (These are for v2.3, not v2.2)
  • Not being able to create a new profile (100% done)
  • Pokemon disappearing in the challenge level (100% done)
  • Only being able to get shiny geodude on one profile (100% done)
  • When you buy an item on the pokemart not being able to press back (100% done)
  • When a shiny pokemon evolves in battle his graphic shows the non shiny version of it until you move it (100% done)
  • After a pokemon transforms they keep the name of the pokemon they transformed to. (100% done) 
  • Dragging the pokeball to the edges of the map will now scroll the map (100% done) 
  • If your game is muted it will no longer make a sound when you learn a move (100% done) 
  • You will no longer be able to do a challenge mode or enter a mystery code unless you have at least one pokemon. (100% done) 
  • Final Touches and getting ready for publishing (100%)
  • Clefable and Clefairy's base stats were flipped, clefairy was stronger than clefable, this is now fixes for 2.3 (100%) 
  • Pokemon that evolve with stones will now learn new moves (100%)
Lastly, I want to talk about breaking some pokemon game rules in order to make the game more fun :)

This update pokemon that evolve with stones will still learn moves but at different levels than the pre evolved forms, I think it will be more fun in general to have this change instead of following the tradition that is in the game.

As always let me know what you think :) Even though I don't answer every post and email I do read them all.