Sunday, April 3, 2011

Pokemon Tower Defense: Level 6 is out!

Quick post, Level 6 is finally out!

Newgrounds might take a while to update to the newest version keep that in mind. Other websites basically stole the game from newgrounds so they won't have newer versions. Unless I go send it to them.

You can find the links to download the apk, and newgrounds on the Download Game tab.

Also don't forget to get your Shiny Starter, by donating any amount you will receive a code that you can put in the mystery gift and change your starter into a shiny. Also if you donate 10 or more you will also get rare candies and evolutions stone, finally if you donate 20 or more you will get all the previous gifts plus your very own shiny Mew!  To donate click on the donate button on the top right corner of the page.

NOTE: I'm currently giving out the shiny starters the other gifts will be given out this week coming up.


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